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The climb down by the British government on the matter of Huawei has exposed to the world the mutual destructive decadence of policies in the USA and the UK. However, the process surrounding this decision has highlighted the particularly incompetent and irresponsible nature of the US foreign policy.
Moronic: Showing poor judgment likely to cause problems.

Bully: Someone who hurts or frightens someone else, often over a period of time, and often forcing them to do something that they do not want to do.

Moronic bullies: Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo.

This decadence is the result of leadership and administrations populated by individuals who influence decisions on policies that reflect immaturity and a level of presumptuousness that is both unpleasant and crude. When these individuals openly parade their moronic motivations and decisions, the stability of the world is under threat. No matter how the USA senses the wrongs of globalization which are the direct result of US oligarchs investing overseas and stripping the US of jobs to create the rust belt, it cannot resolve this wrong by blaming others. This is what Donald Trump has done. His action man, in the form of Mike Pompeo, reflects a similar inferiority complexed small mind of someone who feels diminished if someone else is achieving something that they are not. When Pompeo became State Secretary he actually stated that he wanted the US to swagger on the international stage; we now see what he meant. This has been shaped into a national cause under the banner "Make America Great Again" but the reason for any slippage in imagined former greatness lies at the feet of America and Americans themselves. It is notable that a sizeable proportion of American citizens understand this reality but the oligarchs and political elite are not honest enough to admit any responsibility for the poor treatment of American citizens who still appear to be transfixed by notions of something called "The American Dream". This is because most are guilty of having voted in favour of destructive legislation and rather than admit responsibility for past bad decisions, they energetically invest time and money to always "blame" someone else, foreign or domestic, for any ills befalling the country.

The crude aggression of the US administration under Trump and Pompeo has undermined international trust in the West's notions of "freedom and democracy"..

In exercising this foreign policy the intelligence agencies have been active to the degree of their interference in domestic affairs and spying on American citizens in their own country. The status afforded by Americans for their flag and Constitution has become a hollow theatre of the macabre, self-centred and self-congratulatory and referencing ideals that as a whole, in practical terms, are yet to be realized in practice. To hope that the world will believe that "liberty, democracy and the rule of law" is demonstrated by such fundamentally moronic behaviour displays an exceptionalism in the form of an extreme psychosis.

World and national security is not threatened by companies that manufacture telecommunications components but rather by the bullying and irrational behaviour of politicians like Trump and Pompeo asserting that companies like Huawei are a threat to national security. One of the interesting facts to emerge from this saga is the confirmation that Huawei devices and components within the 5G network do not impose any security threat at all. This has been confirmed by independent ICT experts who have tracked Huawei products since its formation.

However, Trump and Pompeo keep stating that Huawei is a security risk; the conclusion is that they are lying or badly informed by their intelligence community. On balance the US has little experience with Huawei 5G and the UK has around 20 years experience. UK experts on this matter therefore are better equipped to evaluate any security risks than the US agencies.

Therefore, because the "Leader of the Western World", and his side-kick, are both liars, it is no small wonder that trust in the reliability of the US as an international partner is all but spent. People are doing things to collaborate with the USA, not because they believe in its values but rather because they are being threatened or sanctioned. So called "Western alliances" are ending up devoid of a common and willing purpose but rather are populated by a bunch of obsequious weak nations in fear, not of the stated enemy, but of the USA.

As a role model and a country and government that promotes the free market economy, the United Kingdom has also lost significant ground. Some might suggest that the decision by the government to undermine Huawei's prospects is a matter of Realpolitik but the peculiar parliamentary announcement of the decision made it clear this decision was almost entirely the direct result of presure and interference of the USA in free markets through sanctions. The paradoxical impact of this statement is that the world now questions, more than ever, the value of any form of alliance or "special relationship" with the United States. The United States is proudly proclaiming to all that it is an unreliable partner and cannot be trusted.

The Johnsonian bluster and lies that led to BREXIT was sold as having something to do with "sovereignty" and a "a new world vision and role" for the UK free of the EU. This isn't working out too well because when leaders are so irresponsible that they lie, nothing good can come of it.