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The process of voter registration corruption outlined in this article points to an ingrained racism amongst the politicians of the two main political parties in the USA.

It is impossible that the Democractic party do not know of this corruption currently organised by the Republicans. Their common cause would appear to be to attenuate the effectiveness of the African American vote by eliminating many members of this group from the electoral registers. If the party bosses were in reality believers in a multi-ethnic society and the vote for all, this could not happen.

Besides the racist element, the objective, it would seem, is for members of the Senate and Congress to keep their seats and high incomes and lobby contributions and therefore no one is going to rock any sensitive boats just to keep things this way.

This is a violation of the US Constitution but appeals to the Constitution are only made by politicians to maintain their current status rather than to deliver any of the benefits of the Constitution to the people of America.

America has all of the theatrical trappings of a democracy but it is no more than a plutocracy with threadbare democratic credentials.

It is self evident that until enough public attention is drawn to the practices outlined, nothing is going to change on the fundamental front of ingrained racism. There is no sense in elevating this to being "institutional racism" because this draws a veil over who harbours such views and take decisions to harm minorities. This is a cancer carried in the heart of each politician and the only way they can demonstrate that this is not the case, is for them to call out this insidious process in an overt fashion to terminate it. Self-interest, on the part of most, is what preserves this level of decadence and corruption.

The mystery of the Democratic party accusations that "the Russians" interfered in the 2016 election continues to generate bad feeling. However, what happened is quite simple because we now have a re-run. But as in 2016, the 2020 election is being buttoned up by Trump, in spite of Joe Biden "leading" in the polls, just as Hillary Clinton did in 2016. The probability of a Trump win is high. The strange thing about this is that the Democratic party knows how this is being done and nothing is being said about it. They know this has nothing to do with Russia but just want to keep the spotlight on Russia.

But this system is not only an issue of dark posts on social media it is something more fundamental.

In the last 2 years 17 million American voters have been selectively removed from state voter registrations. Most of these are African Americans. This process is overseen by partizan Republican politicians who have been provided with the decision making power within state precincts to authorize these removals. This is quite a sophisticated process designed to Gerrymander not just within the notorious Gerrymandered states but to bias the total vote across the nation in favour of the Republican candidate. The excuses applied to justify removal include trumped up records that a person is a felon and more commonly that the person has left the precinct where they live to move somewhere else which leads to an automatic removal from the local electoral register. The vast majority of the 17 million voters who have been removed have been removed on the basis of having moved to another state, but in reality they have not moved. Since those who are removed from the electoral register, on this basis, are not informed, no timely corrective action can be taken. These individuals only discover this situation when they turn up to vote and are turned away. As a result there is no time to correct the record and the vote goes through without their being able to vote. In November, this will leave a gap of around 17 million votes. Enough, when spread across critical states to swing to vote in Trump's favour.

An MIT study showed that 22% of postal votes are not counted and, those not included, tend to be African Americans.

The only people trying to point out this corruption are the odd NGO while this is the technique which ends up as a collusion between the Republicans and Democrats to keep things just the way they are. This fundamentally discriminatory process is why the movement of Black Lives Matter is not ruffling feathers amongst the two major parties since they know this will not change anything in electoral terms. The Republicans will work things in Trump's favour and the Democracts will continue to blame the Russians.

For further information click on the image for "Going Undergound" below and jump to the second half where Greg Palast, author of "How Trump Stole 2020", explains why Donald Trump has likely already won the 2020 election despite Joe Biden being massively ahead in the polls, how tricks related to direct mailing and the removal of tens of millions of Americans from voter rolls is changing the outcomes of elections, how Republicans are engaged in voter suppression against African American voters, why the mass mail-in ballot voting method will mean Trump winning 2020.

Just to balance the picture on the topic of political corruption as not being just a US issue, Palast makes a revealing statements concerning the Blair government with respect to a front he was involved in, in the late 1990s and using the name of ENRON, to sell legislation to ministers and hangers on at a going rate of £5,000 per month. Cheap at the price; but still corrupt.